Fashion shoot time! It's been a while...


I shot these images of Ezra, Vivi, Hazel and Jake back in the spring as part of our day long shoot for Vauhaus modelling agency in Manchester, this particular part of the shoot happening in the basement room of the totally lush Northern Quarter bar, 'The Whiskey Jar'. I wanted to save this shoot for the winter months (specifically October) as it's a much darker feel than the individual portraits I shot earlier that day. My main idea behind the shoot was that I wanted to create a set of slightly voyeuristic images that felt like they had been found in the room where they were taken, maybe buried at the bottom of a dusty box for a couple of decades, but as you sifted through the dark, grainy, not always perfectly focused and almost intrusive photographs, they would feel as current today as they could have been at any point in the last 30 years... A big ask for my first proper attempt at fashion photography, but I was determined to give it my all and bring that vision to life. 
I collaborated with the amazing Laura Thomas Design who hand made these incredible chainmail pieces, link by link, which blew my mind and I think you'll agree they're crazy awesome. We decided to put the girls in very little as we really wanted the pieces to be the focus of the shoot, even though they were originally designed as a kind of extreme statement jewellery piece -  pretty rad in itself! 
I wanted to mix and match with this shoot, the three girls together, individually, then each girl alone with Jake before some final group shots of the four of them. I debated shooting the entire thing in black and white as it went so well with the dark and dingy dungeon look and really makes the chainmail come into it's own, however the sickeningly talented mua  Mr Jack Tyson did such an incredible job, I couldn't not show off his skills in some colour shots for the girls on their own, and I'm so glad I did.

I'll be honest with you as we're all pals here... I'm pretty damn pleased with this shoot as a whole bunch of dirty sexy grungy grimy metaly awesomeness - and as my first shoot collaborating with (such an amazing) independent designer, I couldn't have asked for a better team to work with.
Feast your eyes and come over to the dark side...