It's Christmas time! I was starting to get pretty hyped about it already, however going to visit brand new baby Reuben for a festive newborn photo session elevated my Christmas excitement to an almost uncontrollable level! Reuben is the first baby for one of my beautiful bride and grooms, Rachel and Michael. Rachel was six months pregnant when they got married (and rocking the bump) so it was lovely to get to know them during such an exciting time. We wanted to go for a Christmassy feel as they're big fans (who isn't?!) and having little Ruebn there for his first Christmas felt like such a special occasion for the whole family. 
I'm not normally one for particularly styling out newborn shoots, I think they're amazing if that's your thing, but I much prefer to shoot things naturally. Having said that... Rachel, Michael and myself all got a bit too excited with a thousand twinkly, cosy things we'd brought together for the shoot, and little Reuben was so happy and content the entire way through we ended up going for every idea we came up with!  And I have to be honest, I loved it. It was such a fun shoot and really got everyone in such a lovely mood, plus I kind of fell in love with the quirky "homemade" feel of it all, rather than a perfectly posed studio winter wonderland (complete with baby fawn and snow machine, of course!) It was just simple, silly, sweet and so much fun. 
Personally, I think for the overall end result we managed to get a nice balance, floating somewhere in the middle of understated festive dreamyness... and full blown Crimbo madness. 

Merry Christmas everyone! xx  

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