It's website launch day! At last! 

It feels really exciting to be finally at this point of owning and running my own little perfect website all by myself... safe to say I am so happy right now.  

To me, this site now feels like home.
I feel like it truly represents my work and myself as an artist and I hope you're as excited about looking through it as I am about finally publishing it. There are going to be HEAPS of lovely blog posts coming your way as I have months worth of gorgeous shoots of gorgeous people all sitting waiting to be shared - I can't wait! 

Feel free to totally get involved, comment on the posts, leave me some feedback via the contact page or connect with me via my social media sites which are the chunky lovely black buttons at the bottom of every page, I just want to hear from you! 

Also in true Oscars style, I just want to say a big thanks to my lovely friends, family, boy and dog for all being so patient whilst being (unintentionally!) ignored at times, for the last few months I've been buried up to my ears trying to figure out how on earth to make this thing happen! So it feels great to finally be there. You are all truly awesome and I genuinely couldn't have done it without your support. 

Right, gushing over... I'm off to celebrate!



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