So during my day in Manchester with the Vauhaus models, me and Miss Vivi Sterling had a little mess around in the apartment and experimented with the flash gun!

As most of you know who follow my work it's glaringly obvious I am natural light's number 1 fan! So much so I've never actually shot a portrait using flash before.
We clambered on the staircase, shut ourselves in a blacked out bathroom and just had fun taking shots! I'm happy to report, I love them!

For the set we took by the stairs I wanted to challenge myself to get a really clean look like they were shot in a studio (very out of character for my normal style) without having to rely on an actual studio set-up. I think the results (and Vivi!) look great and exactly what I'd imagined...  

For the bathroom photos I wanted to go for a more gritty feel (seedy motel bathroom style) and tried to create the effect of Vivi being lit up by torchlight. I wanted everything to look blown out but still maintaining a lot of depth and character. As Vivi has such striking features, I wanted them to be the feature of the glare, not get lost in it. Yet again thankfully, I loved the results!...


It was a lot of fun to muck about with something different and I'd love to know what you guys think, so please feel free to let me know in the comments section!

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