I'm super excited to share this portrait session with you and wanted to actually write a little about it, because for reason's I'm not entirely sure of and yet simultaneously, completely sure of... (yes I do realise that doesn't exactly make much sense!)  this is probably my favourite individual portrait session I've shot to date. 


When it was time for me and Ezra to shoot, the flat was chaos. I kept accidentally kicking the make-up table, models getting changed and organised just inches away, we had literally a tiny corner to work with. Outside it was freezing, windy, chucking it down and generally gross! So due to the crazy Manchester weather, I decided to go for the challenge of shooting half and half, some shots in that spare corner of the living room and some outside, using simply a plain grey wall and some metal stairs outside the block of flats that slightly shielded us from the downpour. Despite madness going around around us however, I clicked with Ezra through the camera and it immediately became the most natural and almost fluid-like set I've ever had the pleasure of photographing.
Lovely Ezra is a fantastic model! Which of course helps immensely, but I also found the moment I started to say what I wanted her to do, she'd already done it. When I was thinking in my mind where I wanted to take it next, she'd already moved there. We had shot the entire thing, inside and out in well under half an hour. It felt unnaturally fast and I remember continuously flicking back through the images throughout the day, I thought there must be something I wanted that I was yet to capture, but there was nothing, it was exactly how I wanted it to be. 

No there isn't incredible scenery, stunning backdrops, or a perfectly styled interior (I think we unplugged a phone charger and kicked away a cardboard box as our 'styling'!)... but Ezra looks flawless. I can see her light, warm and open personality shine through in these images and they were an absolute joy to capture. For me, that's what makes it my favourite portrait session. 

Ezra, thank you. You were a dream. 

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