When the lovely Laura contacted me about shooting a portrait session of her beautiful baby girl I was so happy to hear from her, I'd never shot a portrait of a young toddler before that hadn't been part of a family shoot and was excited about the challenge! 
However, it turned out there was no challenge at all! Isabella was perfect all morning, and I don't use that word lightly! The only time I even heard a hint of a grumble out of her was when it was time to go home, and even then that lasted all of about ten seconds before she was fast asleep tucked up in her car seat. 
Little Bella is such a sweet, charming, gentle and funny little girl with an amazingly gorgeous and expressive face! It was honestly an absolute pleasure to be in her company. I definitely hope to photograph Isabella again in the near future, which I do believe may be sooner rather than later, as I may have heard rumours of the stork coming their way again very soon... *eep* 

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