Before we go any further I should probably point out that their house is not in fact, a museum and they're not particularly spooky...
They are however most definitely lovely, funny, sweet and extremely gorgeous. 
This shoot ended up being a bit of a newborn/family mini shoot hybrid! With momma Lizzie being an excellent photographer herself there was really no need for me to step in for a newborn shoot! As is so often the case though, being a photographer Lizzie started to realise that selfies aside, there were no real pictures of herself, husband Alex and beautiful baby Elsie as a family, something so beautiful to capture in those first few weeks. 
Enter moi! - I felt super privileged to be asked to shoot some images of them together at home, we had a lovely morning working together, so much so I ended up staying for most of the afternoon and drinking all the coffee!
Elsie is just perfect and as a new family they were an absolute joy to be around. 
Congratulations guys! xx

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