It's 2016!

I've been lucky enough to have had a couple of weeks at the start of the new year free before the madness of shooting begins! It's given me a chance to take some time and look back through all my work, re-visit amazing days and wonderful couples I've met and befriended, and it's really given me a sense of excitement for the year to come. Collating all these images from the weddings I've attended over the last 18 months has been a really positive and encouraging experience! To see a big group of gorgeous photos that I'm really proud of in one space really helps put into perspective how lucky I am to call this my job. 
I didn't do much blogging last year as I was mostly trying to focus more on my technical work and creativity, but putting these posts together has reminded me to get back into posting individual shoots this year as I do really enjoy it, so expect much more photo stuffed updates here over the coming weeks and months! 

So here we go, a whirlwind of faces and places, food, drinks and smooches...
Your weddings, part one. 

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