Beautiful baby Hugo, barely a week old and already such a precious part of the Jannessen family. I was welcomed so warmly into their home, Sally and Marcus are such gentle parents and their first born Gus is just a delight. He's was so curious about Hugo and you could already see how much he will dote on his baby brother as they grow together. From playtime through to bath time, I found their house in that rare atmosphere you only find when you bring a new soul into a home already nurturing a toddler, patches of absolute stillness mixed with (semi) organised chaos. Learning on top of learning as there is no rest for Sally and and Marcus when it comes to teaching their little Gus, his world remains the same whilst they re-teach themselves to navigate life with a newborn once again. It's no doubt exhausting but it's an atmosphere full of possibilities and anticipation for what new experience may come at any moment. For Sally especially this time is a beautiful, raw and fleeting one, but even from the short few hours I spent with her I could see that she has sunk into it with patience, wisdom and a heart bursting open for her beautiful boys. 

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