I looove Halloween. And over here at Tawny Photo we like to drag it out for as long as humanly possible (basically all year round). For that exact reason I decided not to rush out this GORGEOUS portrait of beautiful little Summer that I shot this Halloween, I wanted to take some time on it instead and then bring a bit of spooktacular gorgeousness into November to combat the insanely early Christmas overload!

Calm down guys. Father Christmas is still binging on Netflix in his pants.  

According to her lovely mum Katie, Summer is "your typical sassy 4 year old" loves dressing up and playing with her mums bright make-up! So when Katie contacted me about doing a Halloween themed portrait shoot because of Summers love for dressing up I knew she would be perfect for it. I met them for the first time in Wakerley Woods in Northamptonshire and the second Summer hopped out of the car I thought god damn, she is perfect for this. The look and vibe of the shoot I wanted was basically a baby Stevie Nicks running wild through the forest, I couldn't believe my luck when I saw Summers sweet face, adorable temperament and incredible hair!
Summer has one of those insanely perfect innocent sweet faces that is just so beautiful, you know the second you put some spooky man-up on her she's going to look like the most terrifying child ever in existence (not a bad thing!). Her Mum thankfully wasn't offended by me telling her so and enthusiastically agreed that yes, she is the definition of hauntingly beautiful! Summer absolutely slayed this shoot, she sat beautifully while I did her make-up and then proceeded to take direction incredibly for someone so young! I brought along my eldest pooch Manny with me in his costume to have a run around and get involved in some shots and they fell in love with each other instantly. Summer loved leading him around the woods and posing for pictures it was too adorable. I'll definitely be taking the initiative to set up a Halloween shoot like this next year and Summer will definitely be involved again, she was a pleasure to photograph and I had the best Halloween creeping round the woods with my new favourite little spook. 

I hope you enjoyed a wonderful All Hallows Eve this year, and in the immortal words of the infamous Ms Morticia Adams... "Darling when we're together, every day is Halloween..." 


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