"You're doomed... You're all doomed!" Cause loads of your wedding photos are really weird. Ha!

These two gorgeous ghouls got married on Friday the 13th! There won't be another one of those in October till 2028 so it was ya know, kind of a big deal, almost as much as Katie and Neils amazing day. I think we're allowed to make a bit of extra fuss over the dress, simply because my lord the dress. Katie herself is the proud owner of Honeykins Vintage so I expected nothing less from her frock than some old timey gorgeousness and wow did she deliver. Made at a boutique in Philadelphia in 1953, it was adorned with gorgeously detailed gunmetal twigs and the silk ageing over the decades has given that beautiful warm glow. The pair were hitched in gorgeous Oakham Castle before moving on to dinner, drinks and dancing at Victoria Hall where vintage photographs of their family tree, crows, skulls and genuine wind-up record players providing the tunes being just a few highlights.

Katie and Neil are made for each other, they are giant nerds with a penchant for the dark side and once their universes collided, they knew without a shadow of doubt that they would rather share one lifetime with each other than face all the ages of this world alone.

Thank you so much for asking me to be part of your gorgeously wonderful geek-fueled spookfest, I love you and I like you xx

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