Rachael and Andrew's wedding was a who year ago!! This shows you how much I need to update this Journal, BADLY. Especially when there's couples as gorgeous as this to be shown off! 
These guys were married at an awesome restaurant venue in Northampton simply called "The Church". Their day was truly all about family and it showed, from their son Brooklyn walking her down the aisle, the nod to Rachael's much loved late father and a packed reception full of loving extended family and friends, it was obvious this awesome couple have a lot of love and support around them. The weather was questionable at best! But it could not have mattered less, these guys are so madly in love and no matter how much wind or rain was howling outside I don't think they would have even noticed, let alone cared. It might be a year ago but I remember every gorgeous detail of their amazing day, so Happy Anniversary guys! Here's to many more! xx

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