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Hello, I'm here to haunt your wedding.

I believe being your wedding photographer is an extremely personal experience, you want someone with you all day you're going to vibe and get on with, get excited when they arrive and most importantly, feel comfortable snogging in front of (#realtalk). Therefore the the best information I can give you at this important first step is simply about how I like to work at a wedding and what to expect from me, fingers crossed we'll be a great fit!  

I've ended up with my ghostly title due to the combination of being a rather pale gal, and for the way I like to shoot. In general I'm a lone wolf, I like to sink into my own mind a bit when photographing a wedding and I work pretty quietly. I'm definitely not shy, but I don't like to pose people in any way that isn't completely natural to them, boss you or your guests about or interfere with the running of your day. If during parts of the reception you forget I am there entirely? No offence taken, to me that means I'm doing a good job unobtrusively capturing everything going on around you. Personally, I think there can be nothing worse than a loud brash photographer that feels like they're taking over your entire day. I'm not here to re-organise your wedding to suit my needs, I'm here to support you and capture all the hard work you put into organising it exactly how you wanted. If you're now slightly concerned I'm just going to be hiding in a corner! - please don't be. Just because I'm not particularly loud doesn't mean I'm not invested in you and your day. I'll be a quiet calming presence as you get ready to walk down the aisle, bursting with love and pride as I shoot your first portraits as a married couple, then laughing and joking along with you and your guests as you dance into the night. It's important for me that I connect emotionally with my couples beforehand and we get on well, that way we can all feel relaxed, excited to work together and psyched to have an amazing wedding day!
Plus I'm pretty funny, that helps. 

Hopefully that's given you an idea of what to expect from me, so if I sound like the ghoul for you, I'd love to hear about it!
 All couples are welcome, I'm a proud ally for the LGBTQ+ community and open to shooting both your faith-free or faith-filled ceremonies. 
Worried about travel? Don't be! There is no such thing as too far (Except maybe Australia? Bit much int it.) 
I am handily based right in the middle of the UK therefore basically everywhere is totally accessible, I've shot weddings from Newquay to Newcastle and all throughout Europe so no matter what your plans may be, we can always make it work. 


My standard 8 hour wedding day fee is £1600 and stuffed full of goodies!
To receive your detailed literature, please visit the contact page and tell me a little bit about yourselves and your plans for the big day. 

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"Life" - That's a bit vague isn't it?
Well, yes.

Families/Couples/Newborns/Births/Boudoirs/Pets/Occasional Parties/The odd Christening/Sometimes behind the scenes work for artists/musicians and also one time just a kid dressed up for Halloween in the woods for no other reason than she looked amazing. See? I can't write that as list of packages I offer, because I'll look mental
After literally years of trying to prioritise different photography categories, what to 'feature' and what not to feature, how long a list of 'services' is too long?
"Won't people get confused as to what you're offering? Isn't it like when a restaurant menu has a billion different items, you don't eat there because you assume it's all disgusting??" Yes these were questions I was inflicting on myself, but still! I finally just threw the whole concept out and honestly it felt amazing and so freeing. 
 I photograph peoples lives, their unpredictable, beautiful, important lives, and that's it.

The greatest part of this freedom for me is that I'm not confined to a box, or a studio, I come to you. I am invited into your world, your new adventure, your home, your favourite spaces and places. It allows me to be more connected to why you chose to have these photographs taken, whatever the occasion, even as simple as pausing time for you to get some memories up on your walls. Having an insight to who you are as a person by getting to know you and being welcomed into your surroundings will hugely transform the depth of your images.
I want to deliver you work I made with my heart, not just because you paid me.  

Your life sessions vary hugely in price depending on what you'd like me to photograph! 
So whatever you've got going on that you'd really love capturing, please get in touch and we can take it from there.