Lets gan dan tha toooon! 😎 (Sorry guys) ...The other week Kathryn & Sean's whistle stop wedding tour of the geordie coastline was one of my faves to date. From Whitley Bay to Cullercoats I followed this gorgeous pair from their emotional I do's, onto sun drenched beaches and into two different pubs to eat, drink, laugh and party the night away.

Something truly random stuck with me from this wedding day that I want to share, every time I go to the loos at weddings I normally listen to the guests 'oohing and aahing' over the dress, flowers, decor, the food etc, but for this wedding every single time voices drifted through the walls all I heard were people singing the praises of these two as a couple. How amazing they are, how perfect for each other, what wonderful souls, how lucky they felt to share this moment alongside such an amazing pair. It really made me see Kathryn and Sean though the eyes of all these people who love them so much, and I got it 100%. You guys rock so hard and I feel truly honoured to have been part of your day xxx


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